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Diamond Belt Arm Saw Machine BSM5100/6100

Suitable for cutting soft stones or key cut for bench opening:
● User friendly control panel allows real time monitoring the operation of machine in the whole process.
● Automatic cutting track compensation allows straight cut for vertical plane.
● Real-time detection of belt breaking or blocking faults together with other overload protection mechanism ensure safe use of the machine.
● Unique belt arm design with water-cooling diamond belt ensures smooth and dust-free cutting which result in extremely low noise level.
● Being used and proven in quarries for many years, the control software makes the statistics of operation and cutting parameters more efficient.

Other functional options:
Optional remote control provides a more convenient way for machine operations in the field.
Optional servomotor control allows for a more accurate straight cut.
Advance option for permanent magnet motor drive saves more energy.
Optional arm lengths of 5100mm and 6100mm.
Main motor power 55kW (75HP)
Main fly wheel diameter (mm) Φ630
Cut width (mm) 40
Cut depth (m) Max.4.2
Water consumption (L/min) 25
Operating water pressure (Mpa) >0.2
Arm length (mm) 5100/6100
Diamond saw belt length (m) 11.4
Saw belt linear velocith (m/s) 0~16
Rail length (m) 2.8*8  sections
Guide rail weight (kg/Section) 310
Total weight (kg) 3800/3920


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