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Diamond Wire For Multi Wire Machines

Diamond wire is now widely used in factories to process stone blocks into slabs. Multi wire machines using small diameter diamond wires can cut all types of stones, from soft stone and marbles to granite and quarzite. Offering higher material yield, faster cutting, and lower power consumption.
All diamond wires are developed based on the characteristics of the machines and main materials to be cut to provide the best solution for the customers.
● High cutting efficiency.
● Flat and smoother slabs.
● Low power consumption and less material waste.
● Low noise and environmentally friendly.
Diameter (mm) Beads/m Assembly Hardness of stone Wire speed (m/s) Cutting speed (m²/h) Production (m²/m)
Φ8.5/7.3/6.3/5.3 37 Plastic Soft 30-33 1.2-1.5 10-15
Medium 28-32 0.6-1.2 8-12
Hard / Quarzite 26-32 0.4-0.6 5-8


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