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Diamond Wire For Reinforced Concrete And Demolition

Diamond wire is widely used in the construction and demolition industry. Three types of beads can be used depending on the application, whether cutting bridges, posts, chimeneas, reinforced concrete, steel and iron parts as well as nuclear reactors and underwater structures. It is safe and can be used in limited space areas with low vibration, low noise and no dust. Can be adapted to any shape structures and also very large areas.
Rubber assembly with springs is preferred for this application, which offers increased protection for the steel cable. Sintered, electroplated or vacuum brazed beads are available.
Diameter (mm) Beads/m Assembly Application Wire speed (m/s) Cutting speed (m²/h)
Φ10.5 40 Rubber+Spring Steel structure 20-22 0.5-1.0
Φ11 Reinforced concrete 20-22 0.8-2.0
Φ11.5 Normal concrete 22-25 2-5


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