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Huada participated in the 3rd China (Hezhou) Stone and Calcium Carbonate Exhibition
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From September 16th to 18th, the 3rd China (Hezhou) Stone • Calcium Carbonate Exhibition was held at Guangxi Dongrong Stone Calcium Carbonate Trading Center. Huada was invited to participate as a representative of large-scale stone mining machinery and equipment.

It is understood that the China (Hezhou) Stone • Calcium Carbonate Exhibition has been successfully held for two sessions and has won unanimous praise from industry experts and companies. It has gradually developed into an important event to promote the development of the industry. The theme of the 3rd China (Hezhou) Stone and Calcium Carbonate Exhibition is "the fusion of gold and stone, the integration of production and integration", which is similar to our brand language of "wherever Huada comes, gold and stone are open". The exhibition aims to Display the latest products of the whole industry chain of stone calcium carbonate, build an industry exchange platform, promote win-win development, and build a processing and trade center for stone calcium carbonate products in China, ASEAN and even the world.

As a stone mining equipment company established for nearly 20 years, Huada has many successful experience in stone mining at home and abroad and a complete stone mining product supply chain ecosystem. It has now developed into a collection of R&D, manufacturing and sales. State-level high-tech enterprise. At the exhibition site, our company displayed permanent magnet wire saws, horizontal core boring machine , diamond wire and other products, which attracted many new and old customers who came to negotiate and consult. The staff are also patiently introducing products to customers Related performance.

The permanent magnet wire saw machine has always been well received by mining enterprises and construction teams. It adopts inverter + PLC control, combined with original all-digital communication technology and full-current automatic tracking, to ensure high-efficiency cutting of the beaded rope with constant tension and durability. The fully automatic control software that has been practically tested in mines for many years, combined with the multi-language digital display and storage system, makes the operation and cutting parameter statistics simpler and more efficient. The structural strength and ventilation and heat dissipation of the whole machine are analyzed by digital simulation to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the machine for a long time. It is suitable for the harsh working conditions of mines.

At this exhibition, Huada adhered to the corporate mission of "Let the world have no hard-to-open mines", once again conquered new and old customers with strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities, and excellent product quality, and won unanimous praise and trust.

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